Some quick thoughts on the new season of Arrested Development!

Read at your own risk! Some light spoilers ahead.

  1. The cast seemed to fall effortlessly back into this show. I was happy to see the chemistry was still there after all those years apart.
  2. My favorite episode was definitely Colony Collapse. Gob’s should-should-should-you-ask-too-many-questions “speech” to Ann Veal was phenomenal comedic acting by Will Arnett. This episode also brought back some of my favorite running gags from the earlier seasons. Most notably, I had to pause the episode when the church expanded to show “H E R” (standing for Holy Eternal Rapture) during Gob’s wedding to Ann. It was too perfect.
  3. I also really enjoyed A New Attitude (Gob), Señoritis (Maeby), It Gets Better (George-Michael), and Off the Hook (Buster). All 15 episodes had good moments, but these were my five favorites.
  4. Alia Shawkat and Michael Cera have grown so much as actors, and I was really pleased to see how much they have developed. They delivered some of the best moments of the season.
  5. There simply wasn’t enough Buster. I know Tony Hale has another show (that I love) and that made scheduling difficult. However, the lack of Buster was very noticeable. I found myself spending most of the episodes thinking “Where is Buster?! I miss him!”
  6. Actually, it wasn’t just Buster I missed. I really wasn’t in love with the structure of this season. Again, I realize scheduling all these people must have been incredibly difficult. However, I think I would have waited a little longer for a new season if getting the whole family together was possible in the future. The first three seasons are truly about the weird family dynamic, but season four wasn’t about that at all. Following one character for a whole episode often made me sick of the particular character. I was hoping that at least the last episode would go back to the whole family structure of the first three seasons, but it didn’t. That said, I did really enjoy the unveiling of a new person in the penthouse scene with each episode. Ann Veal being there the entire time was the true icing on the cake.
  7. The new structure caused the narration over the opening credits to change, and I really love tradition so that bothered me.
  8. This season relied way too much on the narration.
  9. This show does better with 22 minute episodes. 35 minutes often felt too long. George Sr.’s episodes, in particular, felt way too excessive.
  10. I wish the guest stars were kept under wraps before the premiere. All of the cameos were wonderful, but they would have been even better if we weren’t anticipating them for so long. If they were only going to keep one a secret, I wish it would have been Kristen Wiig’s. I was so excited for hers, but I know my reaction would have been Lucille when she sees Gene Parmesan if I didn’t know about it beforehand.
  11. Max Winkler wins best guest actor for his work as young Barry Zuckerkorn. He impersonated his father (Henry Winkler) to a tee. Kudos to him! Wiig wins for best guest actress. Her young Lucille was spot on! You can tell she did her homework for this part because she really incorporated the character decisions Jessica Walter made for Lucille into her portrayal.
  12. I’m going to have to name my future dog Maeby. After watching so many episodes of Arrested Development, I’m starting to think it’s a good name for my future daughter. I don’t want to subject my daughter to a lifetime with the name Maeby. So, I’m claiming it as my future dog’s name. No one take it from me. And don’t judge me.

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